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CD SAVES (Cockpit Door Security Sound Alarm Voice Effect Communicator System)

I have, since September 11th 2001, long looked with care and concern at the plight of passengers who suffer fear of terror merely because they choose to travel by commercial airlines. The freedom of air travel is greater to direct our flight in safety and our destination in life, peace and joy.

And for the reason above I have developed a product, which will certainly help keeping the pilot in control of the airplane.

All new products start with just an idea. A great deal of satisfaction can be derived from taking the challenge of moving a new idea forward. I honestly believe that the Cockpit Door Security Sound Alarm Voice Effect Communicator System will save many lives. The CD SAVES can be demonstrated to be absolutely safe and absolutely effective, dependable and reliable.

This letter has been prepared to serve as a guide for airlines pilots on the principles of instruction and operation of CD SAVES which is battery operated by remote control from the pilot seat or wrist (flight crew), including pre-recorded voice and sound effect messages, weights, measurements, recording, and types of peculiar sound effects and languages.

This gives the pilot opportunity of time and distance (seconds-inches). The pilot will find this material helpful in a situation of an attacker attempting to touch the cockpit door. Some omissions and errors found in this letter are inevitable present. Pilot becomes energetic and with selfcontrol.

CD SAVES adds more and improved security to the door, working as a sound effect weapon. The sound of the CD SAVES starts at low volume and increases each second and it is heard in all direction as following:
-BUZZER (3 seconds)
-American Male Voice Message: STOP, WARNING, RETURN TO YOUR SEAT (4 seconds)
-FOG HORN (3 seconds)
-Arabic Female Voice message

The CD SAVES is a story of hope of seeming miracles when all else has failed. CD SAVES has an apparent ability to reverse any attempt to open the cockpit door and prevent entry from terrorists, hijackers or mentally deranged and will deny access to any unauthorized person. Its potential appears to be unlimited with great benefits for mankind. Certainly not a product to be push away into a dark closet and put away.

What it does for the pilot, the flight attendants and passengers is bring hope, comfort, and security to all.

I believe CD SAVES offers relief for pilots, crew, and passengers, for many others perhaps their only hope. CD SAVES protects the pilot who will never loose control of the airplane. The pilots/flight attendants will have the opportunity and ability to start CD SAVES when a passenger stands up, walks, approaches or run toward to the cockpit door. The pilot will have the ability to act immediately by using battery operated remote control button even on the pilot seat or pilot wristband.

CD SAVES is designed to meet air industry structures for production. materials. maintenance and security. Simply put, CD SAVES is transformed into a finished product it will meet the needs of all. The rewards can be tremendous (saving lives).

Developing CD SAVES for a new cockpit door can be a puzzling experience. I know the more and more and all pilots will agree that CD SAVES is now necessary for all airlines. The terrorist hijacker who though himself secure will now be unsettled, confuse, distracted on the flight and will no longer have the willingness to die for his leaders and causes.

CD SAVES takes serious action automatically. The pilot has time to evaluate the situation. The threat to the aviation security has changed dramatically. The cockpit door is the target for hijackers, clearly terrorist developing a repetitive pattern accompanied by copy-cat effect of the tragedy of September 11th . The terrorists are high educated and trained, well financed, capable to disguise and bring plastic explosives, flammable liquids and other terrorist weapons. The balance of deceit is in the terrorist hands.

CD SAVES is unique and its functions flawlessly, I have never seen or heard anything similar .It's original, is high technology with air safety security in mind

CD SAVES is installed into the center of cockpit door
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