In dedication to all pilots and flight attendants who lost their lifes on duty          
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High-impact burst of physchological patterned messages and sound effects powerful enough to back and turn away any attacker from the cockpit door,

Pilot operated (also can be modified to be used by & activated by flight attendant in first class cabin or galley)

CD-SAVES can be directed to the attacked either from inside the cockpit cabin or be activated by the flight attendants outside of the cabin within seconds.

Before sound launch, CD-SAVES recieves instructions from the pilot that transmits the start signal. The word message sets off the sounds effects that generates high sound decimals of force that makes contact in the range of the attacker. The impact is tremendous immediately.

 Striking power:
Precision capability against any attacker
Length of message of CD-SAVES is up to sixty seconds and is most effective in the first five seconds of the attack at the cockpit door.

 Maximum range- diameter-weight:
1. The strengh is the knowledge of sound effects and the pilot to choose his actions.

2. CD-SAVES has marked an advance in cockpit door security technology which is not comparable to anything in the cockpit door security system. (there is nothing else)

3. CD-SAVES is the pilot's sound effector weapon capable of defending and chasing the attacker away fro m cockpit door.

4. C&D Aerospace should put CD-SAVES into service for the pilot it is equipped with the latest security technology providing
Realtime sound imagery day or night and in all weather conditions.

5. CD-SAVES has successful word messages with special sound effects when their is trouble on the plane.

6. Example: without CD-SAVES
At first the attacker will jump up from seat with much energy and crash into the cockpit door in front of him, soon the attacker will learn the limit of
His blows remaining at the cockpit door what happens next is fasinating the cockpit door remains secure yet the attacker does not jump away but will continue to attack stronger than previously there is no limit to the attacker. The attacker's have conditioned themselves to their goals and mission to gain excess into the cockpit to take control of the airplane.

7. The only real test is when the pilot in cockpit is under attack

8. CD-SAVES special arrangement of words messages and sounds is unique,

9. Whoever is wise let them understand these things

10. Whoever is prudent let them now do them.

11. For the ways of CD-SAVES are right and the attacker will fail.

12. CD-SAVES blows out the flame of hatred of the attacker.

13. CD-SAVES serves the pilot with saving power.

14. CD-SAVES belongs in the wartime cockpit door

15. Counteraction needed at the cockpit door (because with every action their must be a counteraction and CD-SAVES is the necessary counteraction. With CD-SAVES there is a strong, a powerful reaction.

16. From this you might have learned than sound security is the answer, for in a time (of trouble is coming) without CD-SAVES the cockpit door will not be strong enough to meet the crisis

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