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Following articles from various sources illustrate the urgent need for sound alarm system in the cockpit doors. Many of this stories wuold have ended differently or faster if the cockpit doors have CDSaves installed

New figures show dramatic increase in global attacks
  THERE were nearly 3,200 terrorist attacks worldwide last year, the Bush Administration said yesterday, using a broader definition that increased fivefold the number of incidents that Washington had previously tallied for 2004.
    Times Online, July 07, 2005

Feds Say Men Asked To Enter Cockpit On Flight To JFK
  Two Georgian men on a Northwest Airlink flight from Detroit to New York were detained Friday after they asked to see the cockpit and one of them initially refused to sit down, the FBI said., April 15, 2005

Russian Plane Suspects: Roomies
  Two women terrorists are the focus of the crashes of two separate air flights that blew up within moments of each other. They lived in the same apartment building and worked in the same market., August 24, 2005

2 in crew stabbed in hijacking attempt
  A man stabbed two flight attendants with sharpen wooden stakes when he tried to break into the locked cockpit of a domestic Qantas jetliner Thursday.
    International Herald Tribune, May 30, 2003

Shoe bomber leaves behind a legacy
  Shoe bomber Richard Reid is off to prison after his sentencing, but when you have to take off your shoes for airport security, you can thank him., March 11, 2003

Air marshals arrest man on US Airways flight
  A plane was diverted Saturday after air marshals arrested a passenger after he began shouting "Majority rules! Turn the plane around!", March 1, 2003

EL AL hijacking is averted
  Airborne guards foiled an attempted hijack of an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, media reports said Sunday night.
    28 November 2002. 
Source: Jerusalem Post

Disaster Discussions/Cockpit Security
  Why is it so easy to gain access to the cockpit in the first place. There are plenty of light weight bullet proof material to use, or make the cockpit only accessable from outside., April 27, 2002

Passenger rushes cockpit
  Fighter pilots flock to plane's side, April 3, 2002

Cockpits still "vulnerable to terrorists"  
  Cockpit doors on many passenger airliners are still vulnerable to being stormed by hijackers..., February 9, 2002

Passenger subdued after he tries to break into cockpit
  An unruly passenger on a United Airlines flight from Miami to Buenos Aires tried to force his way into the cockpit..., February 8, 2002

Raisbeck conceived secure cockpit door before need arose
  James Raisbeck was talking with a United Airlines executive about how his Seattle engineering company could make the overhead luggage bins on United's Airbus A320 jets bigger when the subject of cockpit door security came up.,
December 3, 2001

Airbus introduces ‘terrorist proof’ door
  As a result of the heightened security concerns in the wake of September 11, Airbus has certified its new cockpit doors that meet all recently introduced and pre-existing safety and security regulations from Europe’s Joint Aviation Authority., June 17, 2001

Madman on Flight 2069
  How prayer and two courageous Christians saved 400 lives., May 2001

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