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51 - sound has impact
52 - Aviation International News- ATT KIRBY J. HARRISON- AIN Editorial- PO BOX 277 (mail) -214 Franklin Ave, Midland Park NJ 07432
53 - security -trust -confidence -time is very critical -dependable -reliable - unsurpassed quality and reliability -maximizing -miniaturizing -specialist -efficiency -extreme performance -secure communications
54 - people say -we will not be prepared for what is going to happen next
55 - air assassin's terrorists, hijackers, mentally derange
56 - behavior, negotiator, communicator, exchanging information
57 - heart of the problem -cockpit door
58 - objective -emotional -deals with security -with a one and two punch
59 - sight and sound together .
60 - sound it's a weapon communication -so let the CD SAVES talk the ears of the hijacker- who ears will tingle -causing a confusion distraction and changing the thoughts of the hijackers
61 - sounds are a safe guard
62 - hears for you and tests the system
63 - sound makes a connection- sounds can be a shockwave
64 - sound is a calling
65 - sound effects are effective
66 - this letter has been prepared to serve as a guide for pilot information on the principle of operation instruction, training exercise, and the practical use for CD SAVES with full working directions for every practical application of CD SAVES in every branch of CD SAVES -every type of equipments and every special problem- it is easy to instantly find, all the pertinent facts in these pages. They offer the direct and practical means of learning the entire subject from its recent hi-tech and advanced developments. Each devise in its applied field is exhaustively treated with detailed explanations of the installation, position, operation, adjustment testing and maintenance of every type of equipment for every purpose.
In every type of equipment these pages furnishes the most up-to-date, expert and complete information fundamentals to protect the pilots in the cockpit cabin and to apply the newest methods of hi-tech security it furnishes the experiences of many outstands authorities airline pilots, consultants, air scientists, specialists and drawn freely upon many sources of data that are not commonly available.
The outstanding qualifications of the author and contributors give definite assurance of the accuracy and usefulness of every statement in the following pages, which provides the fullest and surest information of every devise.
Mr. Mizarahi has been in the recording industry for the past 40 years. He has a new sound system called CD SAVES (Airborne Emotional Intelligence which is the communications of sound effect signals and voice message).
67 - right now system can be proved to give additional seconds and up to one minute over the additional time to keep control of the airplane.
68 - the digital touch pilot cockpit sound system is wireless battery powered remote controlled
69 - saves precious time for critical situations by using digital electronic equipment to transmit sound information in the instant causes fear, nervousness, confusion, distraction, this are a few of the words to describe what a hijacker maybe feeling when he hears CD SAVES, this is overwhelming emotions are built by the sound state of the art technology coupled with knowledgeable and skilled team of sound professionals to cause effect. The fact is the cockpit door seems to have strengthened by this new experience.
CD SAVES provides accurate and clear information about the crime being committed. CD SAVES guides the hijackers to return to his seat immediately. The whole process takes I (one) to 60(sixty) seconds but focuses on the first 10(ten) seconds of the attack. I strongly recommend the Boeing Co. install several CD SAVES to ensure security to the cockpit door.
70 - the world is unpredictable
71 - CD SAVES reacts with quick delivery, within a split second.
72 - CD SAVES simply the only most advanced, superior and reliable today and tomorrow. The perfect combination of technology and versatility.
73 - put all this together and you have a single machine that increases security.
74 - most advanced performance in the market.
75 - no airline to my knowledge are working with sound security effect system.
76 - sound action speaks louder with words.
77 - discover the CD SAVES -sound power -CD SAVES makes you STOP, LOOK, HEAR and LISTEN to message
78 - CD SAVES has only one program
79 - CD SAVES has only one focus
80 - CD SAVES makes the more efficient and brings you this in one easy pre-recorded sound effect program -it has high speed performance -it's wireless, automatic
81- to properly fortified the cockpit door one must first have the right equipment that is fast and accurate
82 - CD SAVES does the job you ask of it -sound security
83 - CD SAVES answers the need -there is a saying (simpler is better)
84 - CD SAVES functions instantaneously -gives pilot the maximum speed cutting edge with digital split second timing
85 - CD SAVES is crucial to air safety
86 - CD SAVES has command influence message
87 - CD SAVES program note second vocal message should be in Arabic with a female voice and a calm and cooperative tone repeating: STOP, WARNING, and RETURN TO YOUR SEAT
88 - CD SAVES exchanges information
89 - CD SAVES deals with the most dangerous men in the world who are terrorists, hijackers who are willing to commit suicide and kill innocent civilian victims using the airplane as a missile
90 - Safety remote can also be given to fly attendants
91 - until a security sound system is installed into the cockpit door it cannot be considered to be fortified or complete secure.
92 - With CD SAVES as a speaking voice for sound security will persuade hijacker to pause, hesitate, think twice, become confusing and may listen to the instructions.
93 - CD SAVES will change behavior from violence to surrender and give-up
94 - with CD SAVES everyone wins
95 - there is no excuse for not to have CD SAVES into the cockpit door
96 - CD SAVES can be the total solution
97 - CD SAVES effects judgments
98 - CD SAVES is of things to come
99 - this being very little progress regarding to security sound system and cockpit door
100 - CD SAVES brings feelings of security to passengers by always being there
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